The Trap Door Spider


The Trap Door Spider


First I'd like to say sorry because my bug of the week kind of turned into bug of the month. I think you will find this entry very intersting though!


This little guy makes you thankful that he is not the size of say a... saint bernard! This would give a whole new meaning to a walk in the woods!


As we all know, spiders are hunters, but when we think of spiders and hunting most of us think of spider webs. The trap door spider has a different approach to catching his prey. He digs a burrow in the ground and then builds a comouflaged door on top. The door is made of dirt, plants and silk. It is also hinged on one side.


Once the trap is constructed he hides inside and waits for his prey. The spider can sense the vibration of insects that wander by, and once it comes close enough, he leaps out and grabs his prey dragging it back into his hole! What a way to die!


There are over 60 species of trap door spiders and you can find them all over the world in warmer climates, both dry and wet.


There is not a lot more to say about this little guy because his life is not quite as complicated as the honey bees. But I do have a video for you that you will really enjoy! Scroll down and give it a look!


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