Bug Tip of the Week

 Growing a Bee Garden! 


If you want bees around, you're going to have to send them an invitation! This invitation might look an awful lot like a garden. Now, you can't just put your favorite flowers in your bee garden and expect them to come. You need to plant the bees' favorite flowers and you need to plant them the way the bees like them! Follow the tips below for planting your garden, and your yard will be the hit of the hive!


1.     Firstly, you'll want to choose flowers in such a way to make sure that your garden will bloom from spring all the way through the fall. If your garden has blooms all the time, the bees will visit a lot.


2.     You'll also need to plant large patches of the same type of flower. (4'x4') at least.


3.     Plant densely! A lot of flowers all together with many blooms makes the bees' job easier. They can move from flower to flower easier because the flowers are closer together. Therefore, the bees will get more work done in a shorter time, all while using less energy! Remember, these little girls must visit from 100 to 1500 flowers to fill their honey stomachs; so if you make their lives easier by planting your flowers close together, they are sure to come to your garden!


4.     Plant a lot of different types of flowers--at least 10 different kinds!


5.     Last of all and most importantly, plant native flower--you know, the ones that grew around your house before there were houses there. Bees like native flowers! Remember, this is about what makes bees happ--not people. But I bet you'll love it too!


I also wanted to give you a list of flowers your bees would love, but that would be really hard because bees in California are probably going to like different flowers than bees in Michigan! What you need to do is get on the internet with your mom or dad and type in "native flowers in (your state)". This will help ou find what grows well in your area. Also, talk to the people at a plant nursery and ask them about local flowers, especially ones that bees like.


Happy bee gardening, Jill