How To Attract


 Butterflies To Your





If you're like me, you can't get enough of butterflies! Every summer, I spend hours and hours in our garden just trying to be near them! Well, I've got some tips for you that will really help you turn your flower garden into the neighborhood butterfly hangout!


Just like you and me, butterflies have certain things that they look for in a home. So your goal is going to be to learn what butterflies like, and to make sure that you grow your garden that way!


Growing A Butterfly Garden


There are several basic steps in building

your butterfly garden. The most important part is planning!


1. You need to decide where you are going to grow your garden. Remember, the size doesn't matter as much as what you grow!


 2. You need to know what type of butterflies live in your area. This is important because different butterflies like different things! I've made this easy for you, or maybe I should say, the people at "The Butterfly Site" have made this easy for you. Just go to The Butterfly Site and click on your state, and you will find all the different species of butterflies that live in your area!


3. Once you know what type of butterflies live in your area, you are going to need to know what plants are attractive to them. The First type of plant is called a Host Plant. This is the plant that butterflies like to lay their eggs on. This is also the plant that caterpillars like to munch on! The second type of plant is called a Nectar Plant. This is the plant that butterflies will feed on. And once again, the people at The Butterfly Site have made this easy for you. Just click on the host plant plant link, and the nectar plant link, and you will learn what plants will be best for your butterflies in  your climate.


4. Once you know the types of plants and flowers you'll need, it's time for a trip to the local garden shop. They will be able to help you with:

     - Making the soil rich for the plants

     - And how many plants you need for

       your size garden


Don't hurry and don't be anxious, it's all really fun, and your garden will be ready before you know it!



Bonus: Another thing that I should mention, it won't be just butterflies that enjoy your garden. It will also attract hummingbirds and bees! And guess what, if that's not enough, you will also have tons of fun working in your garden and watching all the creatures your garden attracts!


Please send pictures, I would love to see it! Also, I would love to show off your gardens here at Who Loves Bugs!


Well, happy gardening! And if you ever have any questions feel free to Bug Me, and I'll see if I can help.