The Ant Lion



The Ant Lion


If you're an ant, the Ant Lion can be very dangerous! Can you imagine walking along and falling into a cone shaped pit, 30 feet deep? The sides of the pit are very steep and covered with sand. You tumble head- over-heals over and over again, and when you finally stop, you find yourself at the bottom looking up. You get to your feet; and just as you begin to survey the situation, the ground underneath you begins to move! At first you were a little confused, but now you are terrified and in a complete panic. You try to run up the slope that leads to safety, but the sand is too slippery and you can't get your footing! You look behind you, and massive jaws that resemble barbed mammoth tusks maybe five or six feet long are snapping violently just below your feet! That thing is going to eat me!


This is how you might feel if you were an ant in the pit of the Ant Lion! In reality though, the Ant Lion pit is usually less than an inch deep, but its sides are covered with sand and difficult even for an ant to get out of once it has fallen in. Below, you can see a really neat picture of one of the pits!


The ant lion is actually a larva, and once it has completed this stage of its life, it spins a cocoon, and sand covers the sticky sides making it practically impossible to see. The next picture is one of an Ant Lion cocoon. Pretty well camouflaged, huh?


The Ant Lion stays in the cocoon for one month while it transforms into an adult (pictured below). The adult leaves the cocoon in search of a mate and the cycle starts all over again!


If you're ever interested in raising an Ant Lion, go to Bug Tips and I'll give you the low down on how to go about it!


Now for the fun part: video time! This is an actual video of an Ant Lion catching an ant! 


Happy watching, and thanks again for visiting!